Gumtree Contact Number: 0208 605 3325

Contact Gumtree customer services on their UK phone number 0208 605 3325 to complain about a used car listing, for technical support placing an advert and for account assistance.

Gumtree lists classified ads from thousands of unique customers across the UK, ranging from free giveaways to accommodation and cars. You can call the Gumtree customer service team by phoning their contact number 0208 605 3325 for technical support logging in to your online account, for instance if you have forgotten your username or password. You can also call this helpline if you are having difficulties posting an advert for an item for sale via their website, their agents will then provide troubleshooting advice so you can list your product. Serious complaints about misleading car adverts, unsatisfactory living conditions and lack of payment should be directed via this helpline, however Gumtree are not normally liable for refunds as they simply list the adverts, therefore it is your responsibility to confirm that you are purchasing a genuine working item.

Contacting Gumtree on their UK phone number 0208 605 3325 will cost the same as phoning any other 02 or 01 helpline, meaning you will normally be charged a per-minute rate plus an access charge. Alternatively you may get inclusive minutes to use from your monthly tariff, in which case you can contact Gumtree for free.


Gumtree business customers – 0203 5800 500

Business customers can contact Gumtree on their dedicated helpline phone number 0203 5800 500 to place regular adverts on their listing website, to cancel their existing contract and to get insights into their advertising performance. You may also dial this number to inform Gumtree of a change in address so that invoices can be sent to the correct premises.


Gumtree UK phone numbers

Gumtree department UK contact number
Customer services and complaints 0208 605 3325
Gumtree business customers 0203 5800 500


Write to Gumtree

Customers can write letters to Gumtree via their London head office address which can be located below. Please note that if you have urgent enquiries you should call their customer service team instead as this is a relatively slow way to contact the ad listings website.

5 New Street Square,
United Kingdom.